Monday, February 14, 2011

February 14th (Reprise)

For the first time in a very long time, I find myself completely single, but I hate that term. I hate the term “bachelor” as well.

More than anything, I think I feel more like an individual. It’s like seeing my own bacteria being cultivated in a Petri dish — with no foreign microorganisms altering results.

There are no extra baggage fees to pay for. I don’t see any ex-girlfriends hanging around with an undefined status. No what ifs. A complete lack of “maybe things will pick up and change.”

I’ve been looking forward to this holiday, Valentine’s Day — because I feel something about it that I never understood before. This is the first Valentine’s Day I can see myself enjoying, ever — whether unattached or as any woman’s love interest.

I am so disappointed with people who are anti-Valentine’s, because they don’t see the potential of this holiday.

Once I sang the same cliché song of “Fuck Valentine’s Day! It’s just a commercial holiday manufactured to incite consumerism and American decadence.” I felt empowered to align myself to a pseudo-counterculture rebellion. The anti-hearts.

And to a certain extent, I still agree. Year-round, you can find a dozen roses for around $9. But this week, a wilted bouquet goes for around $35. Supply and demand, I guess.

The point is you can’t preach anti-consumerism virtue and scroll on your iPad, which you got because your iPhone’s screen seemed small.

Don’t be anti-Valentine’s because you and your partner are SO above it, claiming how YOU don’t need a holiday to demonstrate how much you love each other. This argument is so flawed. There are so many people to love in this world, other than the person you have a romance with. Don’t be so dense. Don’t buy into that bourgeois sophism.

In the Spanish language, Valentine’s Day is the holiday for LOVE and FRIENDSHIP. If you and your partner are satisfied with just loving each other, then go do something nice for someone else. Don’t be so self-serving.

Go out of your egocentric way and carry out an act of kindness for others.

Bake cookies for your mother.
Make dinner for your grandparents.
Give someone a handmade card.
Wash your roommate’s car.
Make someone a copy of your favorite album, and write a note describing how it makes you feel when you listen to track four.
Give your brother a bag of weed.
Call (don’t text) a random friend and say, “Hello, I only called to say hi and let you know I was thinking of you.”

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to show someone you care, without them thinking something is wrong with you or that you’re doing it from an ulterior motive, as if all acts of kindness are conceived from guilt or remorse.

I can’t believe I never saw this. I can’t believe I was ever miserable.
I can’t believe I let it pass me by … and didn’t do a goddamn thing for anybody.
My only valentine last year was from a fifth grader. And it was enough.

All you need is love. Yeah, let the whole track play without skipping and remember how it felt listening to the Beatles for the first time.

Give some love but don’t barter with it and negotiate reciprocity.
Love because it makes you feel good to love someone.
Love because life can be fair if you let it proceed.